Regional Slimming

What is Regional Slimming?

Regional slimming means reduction of fat tissue on a specific region of body and lifting sagging skin and loose tissues on these regions.

What are the methods of regional slimming?

Regional thinning is now possible with new technologies developed to eliminate stubborn excesses. Achieving success with these effective methods is not really impossible to achieve a perfect body.

Regional slimming methods are separated surgical and non-surgical methods.

Surgical methods; liposuction, laser lipolysis, mesotherapy methods.

Non-surgical methods; pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, ozone sauna, infrared, cavitation, cryolipolysis methods.

At this point, for regional slimming;

are frequently used.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after your procedure without any post treatment restrictions or requirements.

What do our Dermatology Doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi say about Regional Slimming?

It is recommended that you do not trust the information on the Internet without any face-to-face clinical examination.

What is the price of Regional Slimming?

Regional slimming prices depending on the region and method to be applied. Does regional slimming work? What is the best method for regional slimming? How many sessions of regional slimming lasts? How effective is regional slimming? What is the age limit for regional slimming? If you have any questions like these, you can make an appointment with our Dermatology doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi immediately.